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I help health and healthcare businesses build an online presence, authority, and clientele with social media and blog writing.


You’re A DOCTOR. you don’t have time for facebook.

Whether you’re on your feet going from patient to patient or attending quality checks for your health products, we want to make sure you do what you’re best at: nursing the world back to better health. 

Blossom into Wellness is a micro health content agency that specializes in health content marketing in the form of social media content and SEO blog writing. Our clients have seen an increase in their following by over 330% and over a 45% increase in website visitors. Blossom into Wellness services both health professionals and health businesses looking to make the world a healthier, safer place with content that educates, inspires, and entertains people to take their health back into their own hands.



We create easy-to-read, fun, long-form blog posts that are both optimized for Google and are based on science and evidence-based research. Creating research-backed articles around your health business will help you build credibility and encourage your audience to trust you.


You have content, great–now how do you get it out there? Using Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter, we create and execute social media strategies to turn health professionals into authoritative figures online as well. 


Content creation without a strategy is futile. With marketing analytics, target market research, and SMART goals, we’ll make sure your health content converts likes into leads.

WANT to be the next WebMD?

When most people have questions about their health, they go to Google. And the first website that pops up is almost always WebMD.  But what if it was yours? What if the first answer to a Google search was a blog post that led leads to your website instead? By investing in a health communications agency, your brand is armed with both social media marketing content and health writing content that will better your position on Google so that you are one of the first websites to appear.


Meet the Public Health Professional

Blossom into Wellness is owned by Blossom, a health communications specialist. She has worked with pharmacists, nutritionists, food bloggers, and health agencies such as the CDC. With a strong background in both public health, and blog writing, I fuse both education and entertainment into a new genre of content called edu-tainment.  COVID-19 has emphasized the need for more factual health content online. So I’m using my storytelling capabilities and digital marketing skills to empower health professionals and health brands with captivating, easy-to-read, and educational content that slaps health misinformation in the face.



I’m so excited to connect with Blossom the Creative to handle Real IMPACT’s social media needs. Blossom is very much a professional who is serious about her work, her research, and her results! She’s increased our followers by 120% in a month! It’s a great feeling to know that I can trust her to enhance our presence on IG, FB, & Twitter! Real IMPACT is now receiving engagement on a larger platform because of Blossom the Creative! As an entrepreneur and it’s not always easy to find someone who will join you and take ownership of their role! But I can truly say after two months, the ball is in her court! She provides a great relief to Real IMPACT and allow us to further focus on our STEM programs for Girls!

Real IMPACT Center, Inc

I’ve been working with Blossom for over a year now and she has truly helped my online presence. She managed social media including on-brand images, call-to-actions, and outreach with fellow foodies locally and nationally. She’s a resilient creative who takes initiative and feedback professionally. A wonderful addition to any business.
Natalie Keng

Owner, Chinese Southern Belle

Blossom is an exceptional wordsmith, she takes the confusion out of any verbiage and makes it comprehensive. As the Chief-in-Editor of my magazine thesanskitpost.com, she lead my team of bloggers with professionalism and wisdom, she has the ability to mentor the most experienced to the novice writers in my organization. She’s is a pleasure to work with.
Donna Campbell-Pericone

Owner, The Sankskrit Post


Nonprofit Social Media Management

Local nonprofit was in search of social media manager to build online voice and brand awareness using Facebook and Instagram. My job including researching facts related to the cause, sorting through storage clouds of photos, creating a coherent, aesthetic feed on Instagram, and managing the…..

Food Business Pinterest

Food and wellness brand wanted to expand their reach on Pinterest, since that is where their target market is (mothers that love to cook). My job included sorting through client’s pictures to find high-quality images with matching long-form blog posts that included the recipes displayed in the pin. I created boards and pins following Pinterest trends and SEO..

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