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I create easy-to-read, fun, long-form blog posts that are both optimized for Google AND are based on science and evidence-based research. Creating research-backed articles around your health product or service will help you build credibility and encourage your audience to trust you!

Health and wellness social media managing

You have content, great--now how do you get it out there? Before everything, I brainstorm an efficient social media strategy for US (because it's only fair that you get to join in on the fun if you want to!). Using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter, I create, curate, and manage social media posts to develop an online voice everyone wants to listen to.

Video editing social media services

If a picture is worth a thousand words, guess how much videos are worth? I edit short product/service videos using motion graphics and strong call-to-actions.
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Need help reaching your health-focused millennial market online?

Let's Talk Strategy
Let's Talk Strategy

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I’m so excited to connect with Blossom the Creative to handle Real IMPACT’s social media needs. Blossom is very much a professional who is serious about her work, her research, and her results! She’s increased our followers by 120% in a month! It’s a great feeling to know that I can trust her to enhance our presence on IG, FB, & Twitter! Real IMPACT is now receiving engagement on a larger platform because of Blossom the Creative! As an entrepreneur and it’s not always easy to find someone who will join you and take ownership of their role! But I can truly say after two months, the ball is in her court! She provides a great relief to Real IMPACT and allow us to further focus on our STEM programs for Girls!

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Real IMPACT, social media management

Real IMPACT, social media management

Geneva @ Real Impact Center, INC.

I’ve been working with Blossom for over a year now and she has truly helped my online presence. She managed social media including on-brand images, call-to-actions, and outreach with fellow foodies locally and nationally. She’s a resilient creative who takes initiative and feedback professionally. A wonderful addition to any business.

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Chinese Southern Belle, social media management

Chinese Southern Belle, social media management

Natalie Keng, owner@Chinese Southern Belle

Blossom is an exceptional wordsmith, she takes the confusion out of any verbiage and makes it comprehensive. As the Chief-in-Editor of my magazine, she lead my team of bloggers with professionalism and wisdom, she has the ability to mentor the most experienced to the novice writers in my organization. She’s is a pleasure to work with.

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The Sanskript Post, Blog Writing

The Sanskript Post, Blog Writing

Donna Campbell-Pericone, Owner@The Sankskrit Post

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What better way to speak to millennials than with a millennial?

I'm a health and wellness social media manager and content marketer. In short, I'm a content creator. I create blog posts, social media graphics, short videos, and social media strategies! I started my business as a side-hustle in the dark depths of my college dorm. Now with my bachelor's degree in public health and my love for creativity, I create edutaining (education +entertaining) content for the growing, health-conscious millennial audience--people just like me.
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