Gifts Your Friends Will Really Love

Friends are the most difficult people to buy presents for. In theory, you know them well and you know their likes and dislikes, but you also don’t know if they already have something or how they’ll feel about your choice. There is also so much to choose from and that makes it even harder to find a gift they will really appreciate. If you are […]

3 Key Principles of Self-Care

The modern world is fast-paced, exhausting, challenging, and exciting; a heady mix that can lead to people feeling like there are too many hours in the day to achieve all they thought they would. People are busier than ever, our lives never seem to slow down, and we live in a constantly-connected world that continually challenges us.   Given all of the above, it is […]

Can You Improve Your Health Online?

We’re always being told how the internet is terrible for our health, and social media, in particular, can contribute to mental health problems. Spending too much time online can be unhealthy, and can even be addictive for some people.     But what if the internet could be used to improve your health? Believe it or not, there are many ways that it can help […]