the 40 year old teenager

The 40-Year-Old Teenager

Being a virgin isn’t (so much) the problem. Having the mindset of a meticulous mother is. I like myself. I have a unique taste of everything and it’s quite hard to find someone just like me. But that’s the thing—making friends is difficult wherever I go. I have trouble relating to people because I’m just mentally old. What’s a Bieber? Ok, excuse my sorry attempt […]

Are you a vegetarian

Are You a Vegetarian?

I’ve been getting asked if I’m a vegetarian recently, mainly because I fill my stomach up on peanuts and salads almost every day. Truth be told, if I answered yes, my Nigerian mother would probably start crying. Actually she kind of already did. One day, when my health nut persona had finished developing and my lighter being could attest to it, my mom came down […]

why don't you just be natural

Why Don’t You Just Be Natural?

It was a question raised by my 12-year-old brother, who thought everything fake hair was gross. And he wasn’t trying to be subtle about it either. Sometimes—most of the times—I despise my brother. He’s arrogant and incessantly infatuated with money and material. Part of that love he acquired from his god, my older 20-year-old brother, who planted the seed of need and greed within his […]

Vegan whole wheat pancake mix

Easy, Quick, and Healthy Whole Wheat Pancake Mix

So, this is my first recipe sharin’ food-bloggin post and I’m suuuperr  annoyed. Why? Because I only intended on making this for myself because I’m known to cook healthy but bland. So why the heck would I make for my whole family? But alas, I did. Well, for two of my brothers. And they wasted my food. ALL MY HARD WORK. DOWN THE TRASH. I FRIGGIN […]

how to not binge on halloween candy

How to Not Binge on Halloween Candy

Tis the season for unhealthy decisions! Yes, Halloween is only the start of the festive holidays planning to rob you of your healthy eating goals this late in the year. But fear not: there are healthy ways to prevent you from caving in and throwing your weight loss New Years Resolution out the window (remember those?). Whether you go to a Halloween party with your […]

how to use a tea rinse to stop shedding

How to Use a Tea Rinse to Stop Shedding

Good afternoon, drain cloggers! Ok, I know not everyone suffers from having to unclog the drain every wash day, but it’s never too early or too late to learn more ways to minimize that ball of insecurities! A blog post I found on pinterest said you can use a tea rinse to stop shedding, and at first I was like, ughh, why do black people […]

This “Healthy Yogurt” is Practically Ice Cream.

​​ Hello health nuts. Don’t you just hate it when you find a good product that you never bought because you were afraid it was expensive but then you get it for free at Chik-Fil-A and get more than one because it’s free and then eat it and feel good that you fed your body juices of life and then turn it around to see […]

Why You Are Getting Sick

​Why You Are Getting Sick >​​ ​ New school year, new teachers, new people, and most importantly, new germs. The past few weeks have been blissful for some, but others probably were retching their guts out or in bed blowing the color out of their noses. Although being 100 percent healthy 100 percent of the time is quite difficult, preventing illnesses is by all means […]