Pinterest Overwhelms Me

Ever went on Pinterest to review a certain recipe you saved or a blog tip you saved or just a pretty quote you saved and WHAM. You are smack dab in an intergalactic universe with 1001 tabs open from the new pins you discovered just by typing in PINTEREST.COM?

You see, Pinterest and I have a love-hate relationship.

And I know you probably are like whuuuu? Somebody in their right mind actually hates Pinterest? The next Google?!
I mean, come on! Let’s get it straight. Pinterest is SOOOO distracting. One does not just go to Pinterest to get one pin and leave! That’s like promising yourself you’re only going to eat one Pringle. Hah.

The love? The good part is that Pinterest gives me everyyything. I want to really indulge in this year’s Thanksgiving so I am looking up recipes from all around the world to add more variety to my family’s fufu-and-rice diet.

>>More about my stressful Nigerian life here.

So here I am looking up nice recipes–so many that I had to make a new board called Thanksgiving board. It started off with just ordinary African foods that I should already know how to cook. Then I got into pies because why not, then Mexican food, Hondurian food, Korean food… One pin led to another and now I’m obsessed with Greek food. But I mean, who wouldn’t be?

It was coming to the point where I just couldn’t pin everything so my brain just had to stop and barf.

The bad part is, I just want to share with someone–anyone!–my zeal for trying out new foods and really planning ahead to buy all the ingredients (on sale/rollback) and make this an amazing Thanksgiving.

But no one really cares as much as I do. Who else is addicted to hummus? Who else actually wants to spend money on other people?

I don’t like Pinterest sometimes because it makes me feel lonely. All these great ideas but no one to share it with. Except the internet. With its 1000+ share widgets.

I’m pretty sure I’m being dramatic. I know I am because when I say “no one to share it with” I mean my sister. She and I  talk about everything together. And when I say “everything” I mean she takes the time out of my her day to rant to me. And I’m just now realizing how it feels to be called upon only when someone needs something from you. It sucks. So SIDENOTE: make sure you guys call your parents every now and again.

But anyways, my sister is either a) in school, b) at work, or c) sleeping. So I can’t reciprocate my undying need for her companionship. Sometimes I feel like I should go MORE out of my way and make MORE friends.

Or, I could just stay on Pinterest all day. Cuz I mean, LOOK AT THIS FOODGASM!

Follow Blossom’s board thanksgiving on Pinterest.It just makes me want to travel. It makes me want to make money. Build a garden. Cook. I’m so inspired and bahh I just want to talk to someone and call them up about it and just let them know I’m gonna need to sell my phone to make all these dishes. I hope you guys care. Or I mean, you must since you’ve made it this far. How about you guys share? Does Pinterest overwhelm you like it does for me? What do you like and dislike about Pinterest? And why don’t you follow me on Pinterest while you’re at it? Pinterest