What I Want My Kids to Know About Gifts

Gift getting is so much fun, I am not going to even lie and pretend my heart doesn’t flutter when I see a package under the Christmas tree with my name on it.

However, in the future, I don’t want my kids to expect to get gifts every Christmas.

You know what I learned the ultimate Christmas gift is? JESUS.

God sent his only (begotten…honestly don’t know what that means) son to act as a scapegoat and take away all our sins and because of that, he went to hell and then arose and went to heaven. Jesus could have been your best friend, your ring bearer, your bishop, but he died to save us from eternal hellfire. That is our gift.

Now of course, there’s a lot of people who don’t believe that. Shoot, my children might not even believe that. But what I do want them to believe is that they are blessed.

The world is such a mysterious place. The US is such a controversial place. First of all, you’ve got Donald Trump, then ISIS, #blacklivesmatter, the news, etc. And I’m not trying to undermine the struggles of other countries—I’m sure some are in worse conditions than the US—I’m actually trying to explain how it’s such a blessing to be alive and with family in good standing and in good health every year. Even with the catastrophes happening all over the world, and bloodthirsty people parading around like Call of Duty warriors, we are still okay. You are still okay. I want them to know that even if someone wrongs us, we won’t need to do the same. And it’s this very same idea that fosters a light.This is the light in the world that’s blocking the darkness from completely taking over.

I want my kids to understand that the ultimate gift is the gift of life and forgiveness.


Aaaaand then we can get into the vanity. My wishlist (just in case you love me):

  • CROCKPOT (I saw them at Kroger for 19 dollars two weeks ago!)
  • An electronic toothbrush (not the dollar sto’ ones that vibrate and don’t spin. Waste of batteries!)
  • A healthy cookbook!–I just got the idea from ALifeWellConsumed less than 30 minutes ago (I have an unlimited meal plan this year, but next year I’m getting the BARE MINIMUM. It’s important to know how to cook. Saves money too).

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  • Hygiene supplies–so I don’t have to spend countless hours looking for coupons
  • Expensive hair products (i.e anything from the Shea Moisture Line)
  • Coconut oil–(for my fries and my hair)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Watercolor paint
  • A new Samsung phone charger (my phone doesn’t charge unless I have my charger a certain way).
  • My rent bill paid off for the first five years
  • A lifetime supply of HEALTHY granola (some brands beef up the sugar count)
  • Fast-speed internet
  • A pedicure (my toes are not socially acceptable)
  • And of course money to pay off my student loans.

Thanks for reading, Santas!