Disclosure/Privacy Policy


So as you may know, some of my blog posts contain ads, affiliate links, or they’re sponsored by a company cuz shoot, momma gotta get paid. And if you purchase anything from these places, no you won’t get fined/have to pay more. Additionally, I’ll have you know, I’m not using this money to go skydiving (since when do black people do that anyways).

The revenue I accumulate from this blog will be for this blog. Blood, sweat, and tears have been poured onto this blessed domain that is www.Blossomthecreativist.com, but that’s not enough! I want to keep you all happy and comfortable with an immaculate website that won’t give you a virus or break your computer screen in half.

Privacy Policy

You also may notice that in multiple parts of this blog, I ask for your name and email. This information is solely for me to help establish my blogging business. I’m not sending them in for referral awards at Swagbucks or feeding them to spambots. Your info is safe with me.