Social Media for Health Businesses 

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Health professionals. Health business owners. It’s time to get your time back.

No more Googling why your Facebook Ad keeps getting rejected. 

No more watching Tik Tok transition tutorials.

No more trying to figure out how to make an Instagram reel.

No more algorithm frustration!

This services takes social media off your shoulders so you can do what you do best: helping people reach optimum health.

With this service, you’re taking social media out of your busy hands and into the hands of a health communication specialist. 


This Social Media Monthly Package includes

Management for at least 2 social media platforms

3-5 posts a week

Monthly content calendar

Building and running social media marketing campaigns

Social media strategy in line with marketing and business goals

Engagement strategy to build brand awareness on each platform

Branded infographics for social media

Video editing for up to two minutes

Monthly 1:1 strategy call with metrics review

Minimum investment: $2,500

“Increased following by 120%”

By learning more about the target audience’s interests and creating content similar to that, I increased the following for this nonprofit by over 120% and increased website clicks by over 1000% on Instagram. 


This is for you if:

👍You sell a service or product that improves quality of life

👍You know that social media is a long-term investment

👍You want to fight misinformation using social media content

👍You know that social media is only one aspect of marketing

👍You wanted to be seen as the friendly doctor, commmunity leader, or online expert

This is not for you if: 

🙅‍♂️You want 1,000 followers in one week

🙅‍♂️You only want to use one social media platform 

🙅‍♂️You think followers = money

🙅‍♂️You want to buy followers or page likes 

🙅‍♂️You don’t have a landing page or website to capture leads




93% of customers read online customers read reviews before buying a product.

42% of customers use social media to review health-related consumer reviews.


Every business’s social media needs are different. That’s why we have to assess your needs with a discovery call to give you a fair quote. 

This is a month-to-month contract, meaning there is no three- or six-month minimum to working together.

In order to get an accurate quote, fill out this form. Once completed, you will be directed to a Calendly page where we can learn more about your goals for social media. 


health social media marketer with arms crossed smiling

Why should you work with me?

I was formally trained in public health.

I use link tracking to see which posts lead to the most website visits.

I set up all clients with Google Analytics so that my work can be easily measured.

I’m not interested in just page likes. I’m interested in impact.

I actually ENJOY social media.

Learn more about me here.