How to Get Motivated to Exercise

You’re here because exercise is ruff. You don’t make time for it. It’s boring. It’ too difficult. Yes, I totally understand.

You’re also here because you’ve heard from Rebok that .69 % (LESS THAN ONE PERCENT) of our lives is dedicated to exercise. Well, now you know at least.

But you’re also here because you want to change that.

In this guide, I have outlined a few things I do every day to get motivated to exercise and stay motivated to exercise. And I’m a business owner, youtuber, student, AND on top of that, I’m African so the first two occupations I listed don’t exist in my family. I have to try TWICE as hard to still do what I want (my parents bombard me with work to do because they don’t think blogging is a business). Yet I still make time to exercise every other day.

It’s direct, funny, and free!! All you need is an e-mail address. And a printer if you just want to tack it on your door and be faced with it every single day of your life. 

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