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I help health and wellness brands like yours create engaging content online so you can take care of your clients offline.


My blogging services are designed to help your health and wellness business create educational content that helps you reach new clients and customers. I create blog content on issues that matter to millennials, including:


Clean Eating


Mental Health

Self Development

Student Health

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The truth is, information and technology is more accessible now than it was ever before. Millennials can easily google your product and service to get a better idea of not only what your product does, but also your company culture. Do you really care about the overall health of your clients? Are you giving out free, research-backed content to help build trust and increase reach? If not, here’s how I can help:

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What is a “long-form blog post?”


A long-form blog post is one that consists of 500 words and up. Long-form content tend to rank better in Google because they are more likely to have the right amount of keyword density. Creating long blog posts might seem counterintuitive to the reader that just wants quick information, but these posts are always broken down header by header for the skimmer. A study by serpIQ analyzing over 20,000 keywords reported that the top 10 websites on the Google search had over 2,000 words. And with longer content, you’re encouraging more people to stay on your site longer, check out other pages, and ultimately build trust. 

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