Coronavirus Tips for Working Moms

This is an excerpt of an article for a past client, Mind and Body Christian Health Group. I’ve included this to show my dedication towards relating to individuals with comfort through tough times. In addition, this is a more recent sample of my writing style. see it live at https://www.mindandbodygroup.com/coronavirus-working-moms/

Let’s face it—being a mother is tough. Being a working mom is hard. But during a pandemic, it’s ESPECIALLY difficult. You’ve probably gotten millions of social media posts telling you to enjoy this time with your kids while you homeschool them. But let’s be honest–balancing your sanity, your relationship with your husband, your kids, and NOW your work as a mompreneur in one place is tough. How do you NOT go insane? America is putting an even bigger emphasis on social distancing. Now only allowing certain essential businesses to be open. And to our dismay, Starbucks is not one of them. How can we working moms do it all–care for ourselves, our family, and our work or business under one roof? What is the secret sauce to these other mothers and mompreneurs easily balancing homeschooling and working from home? Thanks to Optimized Life here in Kennesaw, our co-founder Brittany gave us all the details of being a mompreneur who works from home in the latest video. Here are her Coronavirus tips for mothers and mompreneurs who now work from home.

Coronavirus tip 1: Know your priority

In the beginning, your feelings around being able to work from home with your kids more were probably mixed. Because yes, it’s amazing to spend more time with your children as a mom and a business owner. But at the same time, there are mothers and fathers alike being laid off left and right, desperately looking for work. COVID-19 has really brought the bottom-line of many businesses to the front spot. The unemployment rate is up to 4.4% this time, according to The Guardian.