B2B Tech Media Co.

The tech B2B company needed a social media coordinator to run campaigns, create and curate content, work with influencers, and manage their online presence. I created and executed a content marketing strategy for editorial brand InfoWorld using on-brand graphics, video, and viral curated content suitable for the IT professional. Increased engagement by 34.7% and increased account followers by 71.8%.
I executed both organic and paid media campaigns for tech companies by hosting and directing Twitter chats, contacting influencers for crowdsourced articles, and creating social media content advertising client assets.

Twitter Results

This client included Twitter Chats in packages for their clients. My job was to select and train an influencer in the tech space to moderate the Twitter Chat and invite thought leaders to join the chat.

Target: 100,000 reach ✔

Actual: 462, 000 reach on Twitter ✔

Target: 50 participants ✔

Actual: 53 participants ✔

Social Promotion: 10k impressions

Growth Results

The social posts created by me (TechTalk Organic Post and Influencer Organic Post) resulted in engaged users that spent the most time on the client’s website. 

400% increase from when I was hired