What to Do When People Are Doing Better Than You

This excerpt is from a self-improvement blog post targeting the youth. I included this as an example of work written in a storytelling style for the everyday audience.

It’s just that time of the year again for you: a time for self-degradation and comparisons. John just lost 10 pounds and you’re still struggling with portion control.Your little sister just landed a new high-paying job in her field while you’re still trying to find a hiring manager that will answer his phone.Your neighbors just bought a car for their son while you have to use Uber to go to Walmart.A friend from school graduated with honors and threw a party while you barely passed physics.I’ve been a drama queen, complained about my lack of things, wondered why everything I put my mind to was taking so long for me, and I’ve cried in frustration…but then I did this.

What to do when you people are doing better than you:

Stop comparing

First, and most importantly, stop it. When you compare yourself to others, you’re immediately setting yourself up for misery. And it’s because you might be comparing someone’s chapter 74 to your chapter 1. You might be comparing Robyn’s dad-took-out-a-loan-to-buy-this-BMW-for-me car to your independent, self-made, and struggling but self-sufficient self. When you compare yourself to others, you’ll realize that life isn’t fair. But there’s no rulebook saying that it has to be in order for you to excel.