what i learned from my first freelance job

What I Learned From My First Freelance Job

Before I even left for Christmas break, I asked Marshalls if they had any shifts I can do to make some moolah. I called like in a month in advance and then they told me to call back 2 weeks before. They said they had filled up their space with employers and that I should continue calling. So I did something useful with my life. Instead of […]

$2,000 for Bugs in My Pizza

It wasn’t even my pizza. It’s not even my money. But you know what? I’m still livid. My friend who was holding two conversations at one time, paused her phone call to inform me of the baked insect atop the crust of her pepperoni pizza. I did not hesitate to pull my phone out and take a picture, but I was stumped on where to post […]