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What to Post on Social Media During a Pandemic 

If you didn’t think you needed to be on social media strategy before, you’re in for a rude awakening.    News flash: more people than ever are on social media. In fact, a statistic by TechCrunch.com said there was over a 40% increase in Whatsapp and Facebook usage. People are isolated and need something to do, so they run to social media.  We are in […]

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How to Create Your Health and Wellness Content Calendar for 2020

If you know anything about an online presence you know the importance of blog posts. But what happens when you have nothing to write about? Blog posts are one of the cheapest and easier ways to make sure your page is ranking well on Google. To rank on Google means when people type in “insert keyword here”, your page shows up on the first page […]

Get Ready for College Life With These Tips

Higher education can be really important for improving your life and helping you move on to bigger and better things. The better and education you get, the more opportunities you create for yourself long-term. This is something that you need to make sure you think about, and you should do as much as possible to get the best experience of college life that you can. […]

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Why Your Health and Wellness Business Needs to Start Blogging

Blogging might seem like what everyone and their momma is doing to make a living online, especially in this generation of side-hustling.   But there’s much more to blogging than making money. Health businesses everywhere need to start blogging for multiple reasons. Blogging is an easy way to create shareable content without spending so much on cameras for video or graphic designing for picture editing. […]

How To Support Your Friends Through College

When it comes to college, there are plenty of things that can make you feel down. Deadlines, relationship problems, homesickness… you name it, you’ve probably experienced it during your time studying, whether you’re 20 miles from home or in a completely different country. And not only are these things affecting you, but they affect your friends, too, and you can feel a bit lost when […]

3 Steps To A Strong Dissertation

  Starting a dissertation can be a daunting prospect, as you venture out to write about a subject which hasn’t been assigned by your professor. However, by taking the initial steps below, you can begin your dissertation creation journey with confidence that you are on the right track.   Enthusiasm This quality derives from doing and thinking about subjects that you are passionate about. Without […]

how to deal with loneliness in college. There's a difference between homesickness, being alone, and loneiness in college. Here's what to do to get out of your rut.

Things people don’t talk about: Loneliness in college

    Within a few months, I realized that the college experience everyone craves for is something I’m not experiencing. For better and for worse.    Loneliness in college is real. And even though I seem so social and friendly and happy online, I still eat alone almost every day.   In fact, most of the reason behind my youtube channel (and consistent videos EVERY […]