why don't you ask questions in class?

Why Don’t You Ask Questions in Class?

It sincerely bothers me when people’s grades are suffering and they’re doing nothing about it. They know they’re underperforming in class. Every test is another opportunity to get an even lower test grade, another day to watch that D move to the borders between the states PASS and FAIL. All because they didn’t ask questions in class. Why Don’t You Ask Questions in Class? People have […]

how to give the best presentation in class

How to Give the Best Presentation in Class

Egad, it’s presentation day. Uptight ties, flashcards, sweat, nerves, anxiety…and then there’s you. You are laid back like a recliner chair. You are as cool as a cucumber. Why? Because you came here! Oh, but what does Blossom the Creativist know about giving the best presentation, you might ask? Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty good at holding people’s attention (and not […]