Why Don’t You Ask Questions in Class?

why don't you ask questions in class?

Written by Blossom

May 3, 2016

It sincerely bothers me when people’s grades are suffering and they’re doing nothing about it. They know they’re underperforming in class. Every test is another opportunity to get an even lower test grade, another day to watch that D move to the borders between the states PASS and FAIL.

All because they didn’t ask questions in class.

Why Don’t You Ask Questions in Class?

People have the dumbest reasons for not asking questions: from being too nervous to not wanting to sound stupid (which is ironically the dumbest reason), to having a teacher that needs to reconsider their job because he/she gets frustrated when you ask questions….which is totally understandable. But before you bite your tongue leaving the classroom in confusion, understand this:

Teachers are paid to answer your questions

Your tax dollars/ your tuition—that’s what is fueling your education. Teachers are paid to educate you, and if you still have questions on a topic, you are not fully educated on the matter. And if you don’t inquire to fill in those missing pieces, well, you’re getting ripped off. How would you feel if you’re paying monthly installments on a car that you can’t drive until…ever? That’s what it’s like when you don’t ask questions.

Stop being afraid of what people have to say

People can be quick to hiss or sigh at you whenever you have a question. Um…so? So what if people think you’re wasting their time? You know how much time you’re going to waste when you have to repeat the class? If the bigots in your class really want to utilize time wisely, they would go over their notes to make sure they get a 100 on that test since they obviously know everything.

And that leads me to my next point:

Stop waiting for someone else to ask questions in class

One of my current teachers actually applauded me for asking so many questions because she knows several others may have the same question.

However, I am UNIQUE. There might not be that one gutsy girl who prioritizes her education over anyone else’s feelings in your class!

Besides, in life, you’re going to be alone. Nobody is following you to say what you should be saying. Nobody’s going to wipe your butt for you. Suck it up and get your education.

“Oh, but what if my question is stupid?”

Yes, there is such a thing as a dumb question. I once asked a professor, “how do I pass this class?”

But you know what’s even more stupid? Not getting your money’s worth.

I don’t care if your “friends” think it’s a stupid question. I don’t care if you teacher thinks it’s a stupid question. You are learning for you, and  you need to do everything in your power to learn. If it means being a dunce for 90 minutes a day, so be it. Don’t you dare leave the class if you still have questions. After class is over, continue to ask questions. When people start batting their eyes and you still have questions, continue to ask those questions. When your teacher starts huffing and puffing and you still have questions, continue to ask questions.

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There is a time and place for everything. If your teacher is trying to explain a difficult concept, let them finish explaining first. If you feel a question arising, jot it down before you forget. Then when the floor is open to questions, SHOOT that hand up like a rocket launcher and ask away.

The worst thing that can happen when you ask questions in class is that the class jeers or your teacher gets frustrated. The worse that can happen when you don’t ask questions is you fail. Pick your poison.

I hope you will use these few weeks of school to your advantage. The best way to study for finals is to ask those questions!

And if you don’t even know where to start with your questions, you could be doing one of these 7 deadly mistakes in class!

Do you ask questions in class? How does it help your grade?





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