4 Things To Try When You Don’t Quite Feel Yourself

We’ve all had those days where we don’t quite feel like ourselves. Our bodies don’t feel the way they normally do, and instead, we’re left sluggish, weighed down, and generally in a funk. You might even feel anxious and uncomfortable in your own skin. Chances are, you can’t quite pinpoint the what the problem is, but you do know that something is off. If you’re stuck in a similar rut and don’t know what to do to get yourself out of it, here are four things that you could try.



  1. Quit The Negative Self Talk

When you’re feeling a bit blah and don’t really want to do anything, it’s pretty common to beat yourself up or immediately try to “fix” whatever is wrong with you. However, this feeling tends to be your body’s way of telling you to slow down, so it’s important that you do. If you’ve been stressed or overworked recently, then you might need to lie down for a while, read a book, or watch a cheesy movie, and telling yourself that you’re useless or unproductive for it won’t help.



  1. Get Yourself All Dressed Up

There are plenty of days when you don’t necessarily need to look presentable. If your only plans happen to be a quick trip to the grocery store and binge watching a Netflix series, then it may be okay to skip your morning shower and stay in your sweats all day. That being said, most people do get a boost from dressing up a bit, even if all that entails is slipping on a pair of jeans. When you’re a bit more groomed, you feel happier and are more willing to do something with your day.


  1. Talk About How You Feel

Leaving feelings to build up is never a good idea, so consider talking to someone who you can be open with. A good friend is usually the best place to start, as they know you best and understand how to cheer you up. If things remain the same after this, then you may want to seek further guidance. Some people speak to psychics online when they’re feeling off. Of course, this may not be for you, in which case, you might like to chat with your doctor or a counselor.



  1. Do Something That You Enjoy

When you’re stuck in somewhat of a rut, you can get trapped in a vicious cycle, where you feel off, close yourself away because you feel off, and then feel even worse as a result. To avoid this, you need to break the cycle, which means making plans with other people. This doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, just as long as you’re enjoying yourself. More often than not, a trip to the movies or a coffee with a friend is enough to get you smiling again.


Everyone feels a little sluggish and off now, but it’s important that you do what you can to remedy this issue. If you’re struggling to do it alone, then make sure you get professional advice from a doctor or counselor.