picture displaying content calendar with dates circles for appointments and awareness dates

How to Create Your Health and Wellness Content Calendar for 2020

If you know anything about an online presence you know the importance of blog posts. But what happens when you have nothing to write about? Blog posts are one of the cheapest and easier ways to make sure your page is ranking well on Google. To rank on Google means when people type in “insert keyword here”, your page shows up on the first page […]

Get Ready for College Life With These Tips

Higher education can be really important for improving your life and helping you move on to bigger and better things. The better and education you get, the more opportunities you create for yourself long-term. This is something that you need to make sure you think about, and you should do as much as possible to get the best experience of college life that you can. […]

Gifts Your Friends Will Really Love

Friends are the most difficult people to buy presents for. In theory, you know them well and you know their likes and dislikes, but you also don’t know if they already have something or how they’ll feel about your choice. There is also so much to choose from and that makes it even harder to find a gift they will really appreciate. If you are […]

3 Key Principles of Self-Care

The modern world is fast-paced, exhausting, challenging, and exciting; a heady mix that can lead to people feeling like there are too many hours in the day to achieve all they thought they would. People are busier than ever, our lives never seem to slow down, and we live in a constantly-connected world that continually challenges us.   Given all of the above, it is […]