5 Things I Learned My First Semester in College

It’s the end of the year. Leaves are falling, temperature is falling, but nothing is falling faster than grades and motivation.

My first semester in college is almost over. Thankfully, I’m still motivated enough to continue pursuing what I love–blogging. And my grades are in a pretty good standing…well at least I think so. It seems that most teachers are allergic to posting grades. The students have to count up all the points on our assignments collecting them from trash bins to find out whether or not we’re passing. Who has time for that nonsense?

Besides learning that I don’t know how to check grades, there are a few other tidbits of knowledge I’ve acquired over these past few months.

5 Things I Learned My First Semester in College

1. People are gross.

People do not cover their mouths. People do not wash their hands. College is pre-k all over again when it comes to hygiene.

2. Sometimes I like being alone.

In high school, I was surrounded by my friends all the time so making new friends for me seemed a bit intimidating. But I got over that fear and dived into every conversation, every empty chair sitting next to a lone wolf–I was trying to be everybody’s friend.

And then I realized that…no one was really trying to be mine.

There would be days I randomly sit next to someone at lunch and talking to that person would feel like I was pulling teeth.
Then, when I did make friends, we would plan dinner dates together but things always happened and I felt like I was wasting time waiting for people.

So I started realizing, maybe I don’t need other people’s company ALL THE TIME to be happy.

I learned that getting out of my comfort zone means eating in silence. Reflecting on life. Getting my me time in. Being okay with being alone.

Besides, most of these people I sit and chat with I never see again. And if I do, I have to avoid them because I’m always in a rush now. Sometimes I avoid them just so I can sit down and talk to my boy toy or call a family member from home.

3. It’s not hard to save money.

This is debatable for all the children that had their lives given to them on a platter and probably never needed to work a day in their lives. However, if you stick to the unlimited meal plan you paid money for and don’t go out to clubs or to restaurants every weekend, you’ll actually be in good hands.

The most I spent was during Thanksgiving. I bought most of the foods for Thanksgiving and prepared them. It was a warm gesture and my substitute for Christmas shopping because I’m sorry fam, but I can’t afford a PS4.
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I actually am considering getting a credit card next year so I can build credit. Everyone says, “Oh, don’t get one, you’ll buy too much stuff” but mind you, the people that say this are privileged teenagers. Of course they buy a lot of stuff.
I need to build credit so that I can get a nice house, you know? I’m trying to live in a castle. Call me Princess Peach (does she even live in a castle? Or hell?).

5 things I learned my first semester in college

4. I have it good.

Some of my friends are dealing with anxiety, drugs, student worker issues, and food allergies. If you’ve watched a few of my Youtube videos, you can experience the more dramatic side of me rambling on about how annoyed I am with college.

But in all honesty, I am blessed. I am blessed because I have NONE of those problems.
And I can hardly imagine a child hustling their way to pay off college–especially one with a meal plan that costs more than room and board!

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My mom loves me.  Even though my brothers whine and complain that I’m taking up all the money because of tuition, she never bites her tongue. She continues to have faith in me because she believes this expensive education will be worth it when I become a doctor.

And lastly,

5. I am not pursuing medicine.

My mom wants me to do medicine so bad. At a Mercer preview day, we toured the school, and I told her I was undecided. Push came to shove and eventually, she told me, “I would be really upset if out of all these children I have, no one will become a doctor.”

At the time I was faaar from sympathetic. I actually created an Instagram video about it for the laughs. But as I got into college, I felt guilty and foolish. Everyone knew what they were majoring in. And my mom was investing TONS of money into my education so that I would have the most “useful” major in the world — biology.

What would happen if I went home and told her I’m majoring theatre? Or voice?
Or…even worse..
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I’m still kind of undecided.  I’m leaning towards a double major in theatre and public health because I need some type of degree to make my mom somewhat proud. Theatre alone would kill her.
But I’m preeetty sure medical school is out of the question.

So then what?

I’ve just realized that there are so many open doors for all the talents within me. Plus, people keep telling me, if you work hard at something, the money will follow you.

Years from now, I see myself sporting a thick and huge afro, wearing long sundresses that sway in the wind where I am bending and kneeling to tend to my garden. The husband comes along and so do the kids to come help me. Then whenever I’m bored I hop back on to the computer to blog.


Because let’s be honest…it’s hard going through life without much money. Well, it is for me at least. I need money to pay the bills, to do my daughters’ hair, to buy healthy foods, to pay for my castle’s mortgage! Money is essential for me, and proving to my mom that I can earn enough to support a family even though I didn’t go to medical school is equally as important!

I know I ended the last bullet a while ago, but I just really needed to get this one off my brain and reflect. Reflection is good, I learned.

Any other freshmen reading along? What have you learned this school year?

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