5 Things to Do if You Seriously Hate College

5 things to do if you seriously hate college

Written by Blossom

September 25, 2016

You end every day in a big UGH. You bodyslam your bed and groan every night. You’ve forcefully endured another long day of school, and you’re about ready to sacrifice yourself.
It’s okay to dislike college. When I first got here, I wasn’t so ecstatic either. But I wasn’t miserable. And if you hate college, it could really tax on not only your mental health, but your physical state in the long run.
Although I’m not a miracle worker and can’t Cupid you into falling in love with it, here are a few things to do if you seriously hate college.

1. Go to the gym

Do some physical activity. Even if you think you look like a fat slob when you run, you should go to the gym (you don’t necessarily have to run though).
Exercising releases endorphins, the happy hormone! WebMD also describes it as evoking a similar experience to using drugs.
Plus, you paid for the gym. Colleges have since veered from the education-only route, which is why they’re so freakin’ expensive. But if you sit around not taking advantage of the gym, you’re wasting a looooot of money.
It’s better than a gym membership because you don’t have to pay it monthly. Plus it’s super convenient since it’s right there.
And once you go to the gym you’ll subconsciously want to eat better, and eventually you’ll be more in shape!

2. Make money

Not saying money buys happiness but it sure does buy the things you need in life to satisfy yourself.
Get a job, preferably a job you enjoy. See if offices at your school are hiring, or even ask the librarian if you can work there. I work at my school’s library and it’s incredibly easy. How could you hate college when you’re being paid to do your homework?!


3. Find your people

Maybe your circle of “friends” are lame. Maybe you guys seriously have nothing in common and you stuck with them because you didn’t want to eat alone. News flash, but eating alone is one of the most PRODUCTIVE things you can do! Sit there, bring your laptop, not being forced to close awkward silences. Amazing.

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Anyway, make new friends if your present ones are wack. and they’re whack if they don’t check up on you, they’re boring, or you’re constantly having to change your schedule to meet up with them.
• Try your hand at a few clubs if you’re not in any so far.
• See who’s on your hall
• Talk to strangers (literally how I met my present roommate. AKA best roommate ever!)
I kinda met most of my friends because we were all black in a predominately white school. But I do have friends outside my race, don’t get me wrong.

4. Don’t stuff your schedule with too many (difficult) classes

You have a choice to make your schedule so don’t do what doesn’t work for you! If you’re used to staying up late and not looking and feeling like snot the next day, then choose your classes respectively. If you value your health and your sleep, and you don’t have to take 4 science classes AND a math class in one semester….DON’T! Take summer classes if you can.

And another thing: make sure these classes are NOT taught by dictators.
Always ask around to find out who’s the best teacher because ain’t nobody got TIME for bad teachers.

[Tweet theme=”tweet-box-shadow”]Always ask around to find out who’s the best teacher because ain’t nobody got TIME for bad teachers. [/Tweet]

5. Lastly, change your major

If every day is a terrible/stressful day, it might be that time to change your major.
If you suck at math but you’re taking computer science classes, please question your life.
If you have to juggle work and school relentlessly and you’re majoring in a subject you hate, please question your life.

I’m all for rigor and money, but you really have to ask yourself if it’ll be worth it in the end. Do you have to endure another 4 terrible years to get a job? Do know what jobs are open for graduates with your degree? Do you like the jobs that’ll be open?

I’m not majoring in my passion because, quite frankly, my passion has changed. And that’s fine. But my major now isn’t too far from my latest passion, nutrition and fitness. My course load isn’t too strenuous because I’m also working on building a business since I most likely will not go to graduate school after this. Aint got no time.

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And before I leave, I want to close with a quote one of my friends told me:
“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we do care about is called passion.”

How are you coping with college? What are some things people can do to make it less asinine?

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