5 Ways to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

Worried about how much weight you'll gain over the holidays? Here are ways you can lose weight or combat holiday weight gain. Inside you'll learn about holiday exercises and things to do at christmas parties to make sure you're not eating too much! Click here to read how to prevent and combat holiday weight gain.

Written by Blossom

December 22, 2016

It’s December! Bring on the cakes, the chocolates, the cookies, the pies, and most importantly the weight gain.

That is…if you’re not proactive about it.

In December, we’re welcomed to all types of comfort foods that keep us warm and full inside. And it’s for this reason that holiday weight gain is scary.

But, fear not. Most of it’s just the media fear-mongering you into buying more weight-loss pills.

In fact, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, the true amount of weight we gain over Christmas averages at about….one pound. Give or take.

The study used over 2,000 participants all from the U.S, Japan, and Germany during the holiday season. This study mentioned that it might have used wealthier, health-conscious people as the participants. So this brings up three things:

  1. If mainly health-conscious people were weighed, this study is biased!
  2. Even health-conscious people gain weight
  3. Holiday weight gain is not that big of a deal

If you want a better study about weight gain using a variety of people, the New England Journal of Medicine has anothe one for ya. The average weight gain? .37 pounds. 


Those few pounds you may gain during the holiday season can be hard to lose. It’s too cold outside to exercise, there’s too many Christmas parties, there’s too many leftovers from New Year’s and you don’t want them to go to waste…

All of these sound like excuses you’ve said? They sure have been for me!

Luckily for you, what comes up (the number on your scale) must come down!!

There is so much you can do to combat holiday weight gain, such as:

1. Exercise Indoors.

You don’t have to run in the cold if you don’t like the cold.

Especially if you don’t like running. I for one HATE running. My nose runs and it feels like both boogies and blood are running from it. So what makes me think that I’m going to run outside…in the cold?

You can do things such as:

  • dance
  • burpees
  • pushups
  • squats
  • jump squats

And if you need a structured, quick workout plan for you, I’ve sculpted a few for you! Just put in your email, and I’ll send it to you your way.

2. Stop eating the carby leftovers.

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with a little pie, but when you start eating it every day, an issue conjures. One of the reasons holiday weight gain exists in the first place is because people get too comfortable and eat holiday food for the whole month of December and January.

Donate the pies or share it with someone else.


3. Repurpose the healthier leftovers.

Meats like chicken and turkey can be used for sandwiches and lighter wraps. You can do a lot with shredded meats. Burritos, salads, wraps, etc. Just make sure that the meat isn’t fried.


4. Drink more water.

Enough of the sparkling cider and alcohols that are nothing but empty calories. And chocolate cocoa is great and all, but have you ever looked at a packet of those things?

Here, I’ll do it for you.


Notice the first ingredient: sugar.

Notice the second ingredient: corn syrup solids. Aka more sugar.

Notice the third ingredient: dairy product solids.

The fourth: hydrogenated vegetable oil, aka trans fats.

We’re four ingredients deep. Still no trace of COCOA. Man, what type of wizardry…

Point is, this is a beverage to cherish on special occasions. It is not to be incorporated into your daily diet after holidays. Water is always the best choice.


Related: Drink up: everything you need to know about water.

If you’re cold, try making some tea! (You can also use hair to reduce shedding for your hair.)

If you need some sweetening, add some fruit. I love to add lemon and limes to my water. Tastes just like sprite.


5. Donate the junk food.

So now that you know you shouldn’t be eating any more of this stuff, give it to someone who needs it. Or, you can invite some friends that need the extra food. Maybe they couldn’t make it home to see their loved ones on time. Maybe they don’t eat a lot anyways but want to gain weight.


As promised, if you need help with exercising, I’ve got you covered. In this download, there are circuits of exercises you can do in your home to get you back in shape.  I’ve included  If you’re looking for a healthy and fun challenge over the holidays, jump on this checklist RIGHT NOOW. Try completing at least one circuit every day for the whole month of January. And if you’re even more adventurous, start right after Christmas Day! If you’re looking to make a habit out of exercising for the New Year, this is definitely for you.

Just click here to get the downloadable, or place your info below:

What would you add to help maintain your weight this holiday season?

Looking for ways to prevent and combat holiday weight gain? Look no further. We all know how difficult it is to maintain weight when you're faced with cakes and alcohol and feasts and parties. And it's totally fine if you indulge every once in a while. But here's how to get on track with your weight maintenance goals for the new year.

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  1. Jiselle Jones

    lol I am so guilty of eating ham and black cake everyday for the christmas season last year! i’ll definitely do it different this year! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Blossom Onunekwu

      Glad you’re being proactive about it. Good luck!

  2. Krysti Jaims

    Really good tips! I still have so much chocolate and junk leftover that I should just re-donate!

  3. oloxir

    I like your advice to drink more water. It really does bring balance to the other things we consume. I think the key is to also have a plan going into it. Exercising after eating cake is unrealistic if you don’t exercise regularly in the first place :). But maybe if you know you will be eating a heavier dinner, go light with lunch to get those veggies in! If you had a heavy dinner last night, enjoy some fresh fruit with your breakfast and drink plenty of water to hydrate during the day. Great post!


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