College parties are not always a safe place. There's drugs, drinking, and no parents, so bad things are bound to happen. Here are a few drinking rules to help you stay safe while at a college party.

How to Safely Enjoy a Night Out in College  

Short answer: Stay home. But if you’re like every other college student, you’ll look forward to doing something on the weekend other than homework and studying. Unfortunately, parties can sometimes cause even more stress than a biochemistry test. Alcohol poisoning, sexual harassment, and even worse, rape, are themes heavily associated with college parties. But here are some ways to avoid these themes and safely enjoy […]

Are you a college student? Was one of your new year's resolutions to make time for the gym and work out more this semester? Have you started on it! Think you still don't have time to go to the gym? If you want to do something, you'll make time to do it! Here's 5 ways to make time for the gym this semester.

Wanna Make Time for the Gym this Semester? Do These 5 Things

Say “aye” if you’ve stuck with your New Year’s Resolution by working out this month. Crickets? Do I hear crickets? If you’ve yet to implement strategies to lose weight/build muscle and make time for the gym, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a StatisticsBrain.com, only about 9% of people achieve their resolution. Making time for the gym especially as a college student can sound […]

Worried about how much weight you'll gain over the holidays? Here are ways you can lose weight or combat holiday weight gain. Inside you'll learn about holiday exercises and things to do at christmas parties to make sure you're not eating too much! Click here to read how to prevent and combat holiday weight gain.

5 Ways to Combat Holiday Weight Gain

It’s December! Bring on the cakes, the chocolates, the cookies, the pies, and most importantly the weight gain. That is…if you’re not proactive about it. In December, we’re welcomed to all types of comfort foods that keep us warm and full inside. And it’s for this reason that holiday weight gain is scary. But, fear not. Most of it’s just the media fear-mongering you into […]

are burgers that bad for you?

Are Burgers That Bad for You?

With the 4th of July around the corner, I thought I’d talk to you guys on the fun topic of burgers. But let’s face it: in most of your young-adult life, you’re going to be squeezed in uncomfortable situations where you’re battling your friend’s burning request for you to “be normal” and grab a (insert fattening food item here) or you’re battling your own little […]

Why I Live a Healthy Lifestyle Even Though I’m Not Fat

Why I Live a Healthy Lifestyle Even Though I’m Not Fat

“I wanna enjoy life. I wanna eat pizza! Why should I exercise if I’m not fat!” Last year was my first year at college and one thing I realized was: donuts, pizza, chicken, candy, and more donuts. Yeesh, I thought after high school, we would all transform into responsible, health-conscious adults. But no, I realized. Not everyone wants to prevent clogged arteries and high blood […]

why gluten is bad for you and why im still gonna eat it

Why Gluten is Bad For You and Why I’m Still Gonna Eat It

If you ever want to lose weight and get healthy, you’re in good hands. The internet offers SOO many solutions to all your questions with all these diets. Paleo! Atkins! Low-carb! Huh…low-carb… The words lingered in my head wondering what type of concoctions would be brought into this world with the label low-carb? You mean like burgers with no buns? (That’s not a burger btw) […]