How to Create Your Health and Wellness Content Calendar for 2020

If you know anything about an online presence you know the importance of blog posts.

But what happens when you have nothing to write about?

Blog posts are one of the cheapest and easier ways to make sure your page is ranking well on Google. To rank on Google means when people type in “insert keyword here”, your page shows up on the first page of Google. No one really looks at the second page. 

And in order to do that, you need to make sure your website is optimized for search engines. 

And one way to do that is with blog posts. 

You might not feel like your practice or health brand isn’t “cool enough” to create sharable and valuable content, which you may find in a lifestyle blog. But that’s wrong wrong wrong. Although you might not be able to blog about your last trip to Santorini, your blog is still valuable because it is your way to give out free information to your clients, prove to Google that you care about your website, and ultimately convert clicks into customers. 


The first step in reaching a goal like creating more content is to first get organized, and the best way to do that is to create a health and wellness content calendar. 


Why you need a health and wellness content calendar


There’s no doubt that content calendars save you much time and help you with becoming an organized business owner. Instead of being hesitant and overwhelmed about your lack of content, you have already done the needed research to know what is important at this time and what special events you can create content around. 

Content calendars also allow you to be more in tune with the rest of the world. Most content calendars include special awareness days or awareness months. You can then leverage that month to create easy-to-read and shareable content. For instance, Breast Cancer Month is always October. That means, if you’re an oncologist, a gynecologist, obstetrician, or even a business owner that sells products like menstrual pads, cups, and other female products, you can use a content calendar to create blog posts around breast cancer month. This will further educate your self-aware audience and show that you care about their education. Using a content calendar is a great way to expand your reach and reach new people with your blog posts. 


How to Create a 2020 Content Calendar for Health and Wellness 


Step 1: Find a content calendar template or use your own

There are SOOO many templates online for content calendars. Google and Pinterest are loaded with helpful first steps. 

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But before you dive in, it’s important to not get so picky about the template. A lot of them are intuitive, but you’ll see even more content calendars that are overly complex for you. You don’t want to get lost in the details!  You want something that’s not too confusing, but is robust and gets the job done. Use websites like Trello, use a Google Spreadsheet, or just keep it simple with a pen and paper. 


I used to be that type of person that goes through everything before taking action. Don’t be like me!  I’ve jumped from calendar to calendar only to realize that my favorite content calendar is the one I’ve created my own. Sure, I’ve adopted elements from other content calendars, but my content calendar gives both a calendar view and a list view of all the important events to me and my health clients. Not to mention, it isn’t so complicated. You can download my 2020 health and wellness content calendar here.

Step 2. Fill out your content calendar with health and wellness awareness days and months

Once you’ve figured out what platform you’re going to use for your content calendar, now you can fill it out. National holidays like July 4th and Christmas should definitely be noted down, but if you sell nutritional supplements for men, National Popcorn Day (January 19th) might not be so important for your audience…unless you have a supplement that tastes like popcorn. That, I’d like to try. 

You can find national awareness days from here: https://nationaldaycalendar.com/

A few more important days to include would be your founding day because you could flip that into a sale for your audience. You can also put in any sales you are planning or campaigns.


Just as crucial as days are awareness months. You can go to awarenessdepot.com to check out months that have a theme. For starters, we already know Breast Cancer Awareness month is in October, and American Heart Month is in February. There are so many ways you can create content around these specific awareness months. For instance, if it’s February and you target older people that want to regulate their blood pressure, you can run many campaigns with a freebie including tips on eating healthier with lower sodium. Let’s go back to the supplements guy. Since February is the month of love, you can even create a blog post on workouts for couples to get that heart pumping. And for even more Google brownie points, accompany the blog post with a fun video. 


Pro-tip: Search for hashtags. In your research, you can also see if there are any hashtags associated with the awareness day. That way, when you’re creating social media posts for the blog posts to promote, you can include the branded hashtag for even more reach on Twitter and Instagram. 

Step 3: Upload the calendar to the cloud

Once your content calendar is complete, upload it to a cloud storage software like Google Drive, One Note, or any collaborative online platform. Why? First of all, you don’t want to risk losing all your precious research if your computer just so happens to explode overnight.

And secondly, uploading it to the cloud/drive will make it easier for you to view as well as your marketing team. Collectively, you all can add dates, remove dates, and start planning campaigns.

I know it sounds tedious. But taking the time to schedule your content and know what’s going on around you will take away the guesswork of what to post and when. And the more free content you give out, the more opportunities you have to share with your audience and build even more credibility. And we all know that customers buy from people they trust. 


Are you planning to WIN next year with your digital content marketing strategy? Don’t wait for a new year to get prepared! 


Get your 2020 health and wellness content calendar here


Need help creating engaging and performing health and wellness content for your health business? I’m a digital content marketer that works specifically with physicians, health brands, and other wellnesspreneurs to help build their online presence.  Let’s work together! 


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