Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe: Pinterest vs Reality


If you guys know me, you know that I love Pinterest.

I eat, sleep, swim, bathe Pinterest.
Pinterest is my baby daddy.

We have a love and hate relationship with each other. Sometimes, I love Pinterest, and then it sends me into a deep dark abyss of healthy recipes, blogging tips, and monetization strategies.
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One day I was in the mood for chicken salad. But I despise mayonnaise. I kept seeing suggestions for making chicken salad using greek yogurt and avocado. And at first, I was a tad hesitant….I mean greek yogurt is NOTHING like mayonnaise.
And avocado is bland and tasteless. Honestly don’t know how on earth Miley adores those things.


courtesy of Jason Meret/Getty and people.com
courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty and People.com


Anyways, here’s the beautiful picture of the Pinterest recipe!
But anywho, my family finally came around to purchasing the greek yogurt, the chicken, and the avocado (btw, it was the first time EVER my family had bought greek yogurt so I was enamored!)
I rushed home, opened up my laptop and found the recipe—this one by Organize Yourself Skinny to be exact!

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avocado chicken salad
courtesy of OrganizeYourselfSkinny.com



Doesn’t that look scrum, dilly-yumptious?! Doesn’t that LOOK like chicken salad? I HAD to make it.

Avocado Chicken Salad Recipe: Pinterest vs Reality

Alright, so here’s a little disclaimer: I’m Nigerian.
We overseason everything. EVERYTHING.
And you wanna know why? Cuz it’s FINGER LICKIN GOOD.


So normally when I’m recreating a Pinterest recipe, I disregard the amount of seasoning used. It’s not enough!
And before you say, “wellp you dug you own grave,” let me assure you that I actually have stuck to a Pinterest recipe down to the grain of salt. And it was disgusting.
So I just kinda did my own thang when it came to seasoning the food. I used pretty much the same type of ingredients (minus ½ teaspoon of onion powder); the only difference was the magnitude.


Besides the seasonings, the recipe called for the chicken, an onion, an avocado, and a lime–a few squeezes of it. I disregarded the lime and used lemon juice instead because I didn’t have a lime. I honestly doubt that the lime alone makes this salad scrum-dily-umptious. But let’s continue.


I stirred and tasted, and then I gagged. The taste of avocado overpowered EVERYTHING. It was creamy like the picture but it was gross nasty. So I added even more onions. And then more seasoning. And then I stirred. Tasted, gagged. And then added even more seasoning.
So then I stopped because, you know sodium.


I just stirred and stirred, praying that the taste of avocado would be exiled from my taste buds!
You know what, I thought to myself. Maybe this just needs to marinate!
Finally, I left it in my fridge and woke up the next day to see…


avocado chicken salad


Okay okay okay, this picture is actually a week old, but subtract about TWO tints, and you’ll pretty much have it. It used to be green and after a day it was brown. I forgot avocadoes aged worse than milk.
But I thought the lemon juice/lime would have preserved it longer!!! I even doused a bit more of it before going to bed.

But you know what else I forgot?
I don’t really like avocadoes that much. I mean I like guacamole but who doesn’t?

I guess, I didn’t know what I was expecting from this recipe. I didn’t follow it ingredient by ingredient, but nor do I ever really follow recipes to the T.
I don’t know if Ms. Tammy and I have entirely different tastes in food or if she makes recipes that you have to follow EXACTLY or it’ll turn into poo (because LOOKit—it’s brown!)

This post was written to remind you all that sometimes in life and in learning new healthy recipe substitutes, you may cry.
You may want to say, man healthy living is a joke because this is disgusting.
And you may want to just grab REAL chicken salad filled with calories and fat and eat it.
Because that’s exactly what I wanted to do instead of force myself to eat this. For this reason, I will dispatch with a mantra you self-investors should hold dear to you on this journey:

Mmmm, except exercise. Definitely try and break a sweat 3x a week! Here’s how to get motivated to do it:


Shoutout to Tammy at Organizeyourselfskinny.com. I’m sure your recipe was beautiful and my Nigerian-substitution-self messed everything up.

Have you all ever gone through a Pinterest recipe to a T and it tasted like shi-? LEMME KNOW YOUR STRUGGLES!