why gluten is bad for you and why im still gonna eat it

Why Gluten is Bad For You and Why I’m Still Gonna Eat It

If you ever want to lose weight and get healthy, you’re in good hands. The internet offers SOO many solutions to all your questions with all these diets. Paleo! Atkins! Low-carb! Huh…low-carb… The words lingered in my head wondering what type of concoctions would be brought into this world with the label low-carb? You mean like burgers with no buns? (That’s not a burger btw) […]

the 40 year old teenager

The 40-Year-Old Teenager

Being a virgin isn’t (so much) the problem. Having the mindset of a meticulous mother is. I like myself. I have a unique taste of everything and it’s quite hard to find someone just like me. But that’s the thing—making friends is difficult wherever I go. I have trouble relating to people because I’m just mentally old. What’s a Bieber? Ok, excuse my sorry attempt […]

Are you a vegetarian

Are You a Vegetarian?

I’ve been getting asked if I’m a vegetarian recently, mainly because I fill my stomach up on peanuts and salads almost every day. Truth be told, if I answered yes, my Nigerian mother would probably start crying. Actually she kind of already did. One day, when my health nut persona had finished developing and my lighter being could attest to it, my mom came down […]

how to not binge on halloween candy

How to Not Binge on Halloween Candy

Tis the season for unhealthy decisions! Yes, Halloween is only the start of the festive holidays planning to rob you of your healthy eating goals this late in the year. But fear not: there are healthy ways to prevent you from caving in and throwing your weight loss New Years Resolution out the window (remember those?). Whether you go to a Halloween party with your […]