Healthier Alternatives To Three Of Your Bad Habits

Written by Blossom

July 10, 2018


Hey, we all have bad habits, so you don’t need to feel too guilty about some of them. However, some of them are detrimental to a healthier lifestyle, so it’s important to replace them with something that won’t negatively affect you. We have picked out three bad habits, and if any of them are relevant to you, stop them immediately, and opt for the healthier alternatives we are suggesting to you. You will feel better, we promise!


Bad Habit #1: Drinking fizzy drinks


Now, if you are reading this during the summer season (at time of writing), you will be tempted to reach for those fizzy drinks to cool you down. We wouldn’t blame you – the sun is blazing hot – but you know, and we know that these sugary drinks are going to play havoc with your weight, as well as do damage to your pearly whites.


Alternative: Water is always the healthiest option, but if you find that a little boring, try water with fruit flavoring to jazz up your day. We also recommend fruit smoothies, whether you buy something from the health store or concoct something yourself. Absolutely delicious, and you don’t need to feel guilty about drinking too many.


Bad Habit #2: Eating too many unhealthy snacks


A bag of crisps here, a chocolate bar there, yummy snacks to be sure, but you don’t want to overdo them. You know they aren’t good for you, so while we wouldn’t say don’t eat them – unless you have tremendous willpower – try and limit the amount you have, and then go for healthier alternatives.


Alternative: Healthy snacks don’t have to be boring – you don’t always have to reach for a carrot or an apple (though there’s no harm if you do). We came across these delicious snack foods that are tasty and nutritious. From chocolate-drizzled fruit kebabs to banana oatmeal walnut cookies (we are already salivating), there are plenty of foods to choose from in the list that will satisfy any of your usual cravings.


Bad Habit#3: Spending too much time on your phone


Chances are, you are probably reading this article on your phone. Well, at least you’re doing something useful with it. That’s better than scrawling through your Facebook wall for the hundredth time today, trying to catch up with the ‘must-read’ news from your besties (totally guilty). You then spend your time liking their posts in case they get offended, as well as posting your best snaps, and updating your friends on your life. “Just got out of bed.” “Am about to get a shower.” “Just brushed my morning hair” – exciting news, to be sure, but do you really need to share everything? Then there’s snapchatting, Instagramming, Tweeting…perhaps you’re a little bit addicted! But that’s okay, because I am too. 


Alternative: There is a world beyond your phone, so put it down occasionally and experience a bit of reality. Actually meet up with your mates and talk to them face to face, rather than spend all your time on Messenger. Actually laugh out loud with somebody, rather than drearily writing LOL to things that aren’t really that funny. And go somewhere without wifi or 4g reception, where you won’t be tempted to look at your phone, and experience the beauty of the world, rather than admiring it on Instagram.

 What’s bad habitat that you’re trying to break? Leave them in the comments below!

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