How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Having Sex

Valentine’s day is in approximately a week, and what better way to celebrate than with some good old freaking between the sheets, right?

Or maybe you’re like me and practice abstinence for multiple reasons. WHAT, you can practice abstinence and be in a relationship? Yes. Yes, you can.

And besides, sex isn’t the only way to show love. Here are a few things you can do instead to be intimate without having intercourse.

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Having Sex

1. Go on a road trip

When’s the last time you took your partner out on the roads to a faraway place? Maybe you have a relative who lives across the country or just want to discover someplace new. Valentine’s day is the best time to do it! Pack some snacks, create a driving playlist, and hit the road, Jack!


2. Give your partner a massage

Just because you’re abstaining from sex doesn’t mean you can’t be physical. What with all the strains of carrying bookbags or climbing stairs or working out, you probably forget to give your body a break. Convert yourself into a professional masseuse for one day and give your partner the massage of a lifetime.


3. Do something for your partner

Can you think of something that your partner does every day and takes up some time (school, am I right or what)? Put yourself in his/her shoes and do it yourself! If it takes a minute for her to do her hair, dedicate your time into learning how to do it for her. If your man drives a lot, sneak away with his car in the morning and fill up the tank (this tip actually isn’t mine but tell me it’s not cute!).


4. Switch hobbies

Are you even in a relationship if you don’t do what your partner does? On Valentine’s day, sit down and enjoy something your partner enjoys doing–cooking, dancing, gaming, youtube-ing, whatever. Just make sure it’s a healthy habit!

My boyfriend creates role-playing PC games. Since we practice abstinence, I sometimes would critique his work by playing his video game in front of him. Now, I can beat anyone up in a fighting game. But I’m not very smart with RPGs, so most times I’d lose and complain that it’s too hard. But the fact that I’m spending my time doing something I’m not really used to–and enjoying it–is how bonds are created!


5. Bake!

Cooking with a loved one is so overrated. If you’re ever wondering if your relationship needs chemistry, put on an apron and step into the kitchen. You’ll be making all SORTS of chemical compounds.

And I know I’m not the only one that hates how long cooking good food tastes. Cut the time in half by cooking with your love bug. If you’re more gifted in cooking, take the time to break things down so they’re easier to digest.

6. Find a new series to watch

And of course, Netflix. Once your delectable cupcakes are ready, eat all of them with your love while binging on a new series. Don’t worry, on Valentine’s day, calories don’t count.

Remember, sex is great, but you don’t need to have sex to have a healthy relationship. So you DEFINITELY don’t need it to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And if you (or your) partner need a reminder of that, I’ve got some goodies for you:

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I started creating merch surrounding my abstinent life because even though I KNEW there were people like me, I knew that there were far more that weren’t. And it was annoying being hit on by people that eventually just wanted to screw around. And let me remind you guys, I do have a boyfriend. Some people don’t care.

But this shirt makes things so much more clear. Is it bold? Yes. Will it give you a lot of stares? Yup. Will it make you stand out? Duh. But in this hook-up culture that shames virgins and young people that think traditionally, that’s exactly what we need.

Leave Me Alone, I’m Abstinent


how to celebrate valentines day without having sex. Go on road trips with your boo. These tips are helpful for any student in college, especially christian college students. You don't have to have sex to have a healthy realationship. There are also great valentine's gifts for him and valentine's gifts for her as well.


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?