I was so caught up in business and making money that I actually LOST money in college. Are you a fellow entrepreneur? Are you still in college? DON'T do this, and your business and money will strive.

Money Mistakes I Made as a Freshman in College

Even though I researched the heck out of college and how to survive in college, I made lots of money embarrassing, glaring mistakes.  From being close-minded to missing out on job opportunities, I made several mistakes that impeded me as a business owner and a person. Money Mistakes I Made as a Freshman in College   1. Not joining enough clubs In both my freshman […]

Textbooks got you feeling overwhelmed? Don't know how to take notes? Want to know the best and most effective strategies in taking notes? Students in every grade level including college often take notes in school and most times, they are doing it WRONG. Here's the right way to take notes from a textbook.

Here’s the right way to take notes from a textbook

Ugh, I hate how the semester is already creeping upon us. I go back on the sixth which sucks because New Years was—what, 5 days ago? That’s not enough time to recover from the fun and excitement of parties and I’m still going to be writing 2016 on all my assignments. Speaking of assignments, let’s talk textbooks. The reason I created this website is because […]

how to give the best presentation in class

How to Give the Best Presentation in Class

Egad, it’s presentation day. Uptight ties, flashcards, sweat, nerves, anxiety…and then there’s you. You are laid back like a recliner chair. You are as cool as a cucumber. Why? Because you came here! Oh, but what does Blossom the Creativist know about giving the best presentation, you might ask? Not to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty good at holding people’s attention (and not […]

the 40 year old teenager

The 40-Year-Old Teenager

Being a virgin isn’t (so much) the problem. Having the mindset of a meticulous mother is. I like myself. I have a unique taste of everything and it’s quite hard to find someone just like me. But that’s the thing—making friends is difficult wherever I go. I have trouble relating to people because I’m just mentally old. What’s a Bieber? Ok, excuse my sorry attempt […]

what to do when teachers waste your time

What to Do When Teachers Waste Your Time

No matter what college you go to, what state you’re in, how much money you’re spending, how much you’re going to be in debt, one thing will always be clear: you are going to take gen eds. You may have it good. You may have a teacher that actually loves what he/she does and makes learning fun. And on the other hand, you may have […]

7 Mistakes Students Make in Class

Sometimes I walk in class and just look around and instantly know who’s gonna pass and who’s gonna be struggling. You got people with their heads down, people on their phones sitting in the front of the class, people not even in class when, after 4 strikes, the prof drops a letter grade. I mean of course I don’t know everyone’s story, but the least I […]

what I want my kids t know about gifts

What I Want My Kids to Know About Gifts

Gift getting is so much fun, I am not going to even lie and pretend my heart doesn’t flutter when I see a package under the Christmas tree with my name on it. However, in the future, I don’t want my kids to expect to get gifts every Christmas. You know what I learned the ultimate Christmas gift is? JESUS. God sent his only (begotten…honestly […]

the ultimate study playlist perfect for finals

The Ultimate Study Playlist

Music. Who doesn’t need music? Almost every teenager calms down, gets their daily dose of euphoria, or hatches their best idea with music. But don’t just single songs out only as your escape. Use it to your advantage and listen to music while you study for finals. Of course not everyone can take music when they study, but fear not: I’ve got the perfect solution […]

What college students should buy on cyber monday

Cyber Monday: What College Students SHOULD buy

As many of you all know, I am frugal, impecunious, penny-pinching—cheap. But my question to you fellow college students is: WHY AREN’T YOU? Many of my colleagues planned their Black Friday to the cue in regards of which stores are having sales on what items at what times in what locations, and I’m here trying to rack up on coupons so I can buy food […]

How to Keep Yourself Sane (Physically)

Sometimes college’s overwhelming requirements crams to-do lists, mountaintops of information, important test dates, and a bucket-load of stress into our mental well-being. And we are just so caught up in trying to deal with everything that we forget about our physical needs. We forget to stop. Breathe in. Breathe out. Facing the many obstacles of secondary education and adulthood makes being physically healthy difficult because […]