College parties are not always a safe place. There's drugs, drinking, and no parents, so bad things are bound to happen. Here are a few drinking rules to help you stay safe while at a college party.

How to Safely Enjoy a Night Out in College  

Short answer: Stay home. But if you’re like every other college student, you’ll look forward to doing something on the weekend other than homework and studying. Unfortunately, parties can sometimes cause even more stress than a biochemistry test. Alcohol poisoning, sexual harassment, and even worse, rape, are themes heavily associated with college parties. But here are some ways to avoid these themes and safely enjoy […]

I was so caught up in business and making money that I actually LOST money in college. Are you a fellow entrepreneur? Are you still in college? DON'T do this, and your business and money will strive.

Money Mistakes I Made as a Freshman in College

Even though I researched the heck out of college and how to survive in college, I made lots of money embarrassing, glaring mistakes.  From being close-minded to missing out on job opportunities, I made several mistakes that impeded me as a business owner and a person. Money Mistakes I Made as a Freshman in College   1. Not joining enough clubs In both my freshman […]