Cyber Monday: What College Students SHOULD buy

What college students should buy on cyber monday

Written by Blossom

November 30, 2015

As many of you all know, I am frugal, impecunious, penny-pinching—cheap. But my question to you fellow college students is: WHY AREN’T YOU? Many of my colleagues planned their Black Friday to the cue in regards of which stores are having sales on what items at what times in what locations, and I’m here trying to rack up on coupons so I can buy food for my family. Don’t get me wrong though, Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be great ways and great days to save money, so as long as you don’t end someone’s life for something as superficial as designer shoes or a plasma screen TV.

Here’s what you college students should be looking for come Cyber Monday:

  1. Kitchen appliances

Do you know how much kitchen stuff costs? You can get all the amazing appliances that college students need on this special day. Crock pots, coffee water-boilers (you can make spaghetti with it too!), microwaves, ETC. Scratch off your designer Uggs  from your “needs” list and look for a hand mixer!

  1. Laptop

Oh were you expecting to get it from someone else? I hear that Best Buy is having Cyber Monday deals in stores. Even though I think Best Buy is completely commercialized and overpriced, I’d probably go around and see what they have if my laptop was broken (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).

  1. Flash drives/ SD cards

You know how expensive flash drives/ SD cards can be? I don’t use flash drives because I lose everything small and important, but you should definitely search for some hot deals for these babies. I know Staple’s has some right here (Plus you all need to help Staple’s out because it wasn’t doing too well in the stocks last year). And then if you buy a lot, you can sell them to your fellow peers because everyone needs flashdrives (although not too sure if that’s legal…)

  1. Software

Adobe indulges in Cyber Monday too! If you’ve always wanted to be useful and more respected in the business community and learn how to use Photoshop or any other software for that matter, google to see if that company is offering deals. Here you can find a list of on-sale Adobe tutorial videos that may suit your fancy.  I know how expensive softwares can be but I’ve always had the hookup to get things cheaper. Cyber Monday is your hookup!

  1. Calculators–You know how expensive calculators are? Ebay does. That’s why they’re on sale!
  2. Textbooks

I’ve actually never tried this one, but see if you’re favorite textbook providers are on sale. According to Promopro, Chegg hasn’t forgotten about all of us hopeless children.

What you SHOULDN’T be buying

  1. TV

What on earth makes you think you’re going to have time for TV? Scandal can wait. Can your studying?

  1. Video games

Same with TV. Video games cost an arm and a leg sometimes, and are you really going to play that $65 game a year from now? Probably not because something new and better is coming out (shout out to all the people still playing 2k15 because 2k16 is the exact same…but isn’t that with all sports games? Definitely not throwing shade.).

  1. Jordans/Uggs/Nikes

Why buy something that costs more than a microwave but will not help you make you food?  Or pay off your student loans? Or pay your phone bill? Speaking of…

  1. New cell phone

I repeat: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I have a Galaxy S2. I have a cracked Galaxy S2. I have had this phone for 3 years. But you know what, it’s not broken yet. The only reason I would ever upgrade is because the front camera sucks and I need to showcase more of my wit whenever Youtube takes too long to get my point across.
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Taking advantage of deals does not always mean you are saving money. Just be smart and look for things that can actually benefit you as a student and a person!

Or don’t spend anything at all. Especially if you don’t have money, as many college students don’t. Especially me.

Happy Spending!


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