When Life Gets Hectic! The Health Issues You Are Likely To Ignore

Written by Blossom

June 11, 2018

Life is so busy at times, wouldn’t you agree? College can take over, work can be stressful, and life can generally be a non-stop rollercoaster of things you need to do. Your health, on one hand, is so important, but I also get that it can be some of the least concerning things going on in your life with tests to revise for and life to live. But, sometimes ignoring obvious signs that something isn’t right can also be your downfall.


Some health issues you just want to ignore as you don’t to admit there is an issue. You may find that other health issues are just not that noticeable until you actually spot other signs pointing to the problem. I wanted to share with you some of the health issues many of us are likely to want or try to ignore, but ones that we should do something about.



Depression and anxiety


We can often not really think about our mental health when life is busy or we have commitments to uphold. It is one of those things that we just get on with or sometimes accept. Feeling down and blue, anxious and stressed, they are normally things people don’t like to talk about. But it is one of the health issues you really shouldn’t ignore. Your mental health is very important, and what you might not realize is depression and anxiety could be putting the breaks on your life. Speak to someone and communicate your feelings. It is the best first step.


Bladder problems

Sometimes there are health issues that we just can’t talk about because we are embarrassed. But things like bladder problems such as going too frequently could be the sign of an underlying health problem. This is when a visit to the Advanced Urology Institute could be hugely beneficial, and finally put an end to those feelings of embarrassment. Concerns with your bladder could also indicate other issues such as diabetes and infections, so it is definitely worth getting checked out.


Bowel problems


Just like we don’t like discussing issues with our bladder, the same can be said for things like a change in bowel movements. But actually, if something isn’t right here you are normally very aware of it due to a change in what would be normal for you as a person. From how often to the consistency. I know, too much information, but it is an important issue to raise. If you notice any changes then speak to someone.


Lumps where there shouldn’t be any


Maybe you have noticed something on your body that doesn’t feel right. Perhaps a lump has appeared in an area it shouldn’t have. Lumps can appear on your body for a variety of reasons, it might be a reaction or a swollen gland, and normally these things disappear in time. However, it can also be something a little more sinister so it is always a good idea to get it checked out to make sure.


Gynecology issues


Just like you might not like talking about bladder or bowel problems, gynecology is another thing women don’t like discussing too much. Your health when it comes to the likes of your womb, your ovaries, and Fallopian tubes is something that can go unnoticed, and often the only time you know there is a problem is when your menstrual cycle changes or if you happen to be trying to start a family. It can be very concerning to find out there is a problem, so regular check-ups and spotting signs that might be quite subtle is your best course of action to ensure you give yourself the best chance. People can be affected in many ways by abnormalities of the womb to cervical cancer, so don’t ignore anything that feels like it is raising a red flag.




When it comes to such a common issue like a headache, you may find that you tend to just get on with it. Headaches are one of those things we can all struggle with from time to time, and in many cases that is down to the fact that we are a little dehydrated or perhaps stressed out over something. But, if you find your headaches are more consistent, painful or in a particular area, then it may be worth getting checked out by a health professional to ensure there is nothing else going on.


I hope this has made you more aware of some of the issues you are likely to ignore but shouldn’t!


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